Monday, November 3, 2008

Chinchin Gutierrez shoots Indie Film Scene at Cafe Antonio

The Lord has been very good to Cafe Antonio Dumaguete ever since it started. Blessings to the Cafe have been pouring in unbelievable torrents!

As an establishment in our kind of business, marketing comes from exposure. And as much as possible, exposure must be obtained at the least price possible. Of course, the aim for exposure should be the widest area possible!

Just in May of this year, MTV Pilipinas came by to make us part of their show with CAFE ANTONIOCaltex as one of the "must-visit" places in Dumaguete. Growing up in the MTV era, it was kinda exhilarating to be rubbing elbows with people who really work for MTV. It was the perky and pretty VJ Andi who came to chat with us.

A mere five months after, an independent film (of which the title we will still with hold) asked the Cafe Antonio management to be allowed to shoot at the Cafe! The film will star the beautiful multi-awarded actress and environmental preservation advocate Chinchin Gutierrez. She took some time to tinker with and play some classical tunes on the house piano while the film's beauty expert was doing her hair and make up. The film cast and crew had dinner at the Cafe before they shot their scene. Of course we took time for them to have their picture to be taken with us (hehe...)
In the picture on the left, Chinchin and the New Penshoppe ambassador for their underwear line Akihiro Sato and the director...i think, poses with the hunky Rayvin and Rochris (with whom Akihiro almost comes at par with in stature and out for the next Penshoppe underwear commercial, the three men at the right will be the ambassadors...*grins*).

We are not in the discretion to share so much about the movie except that we can say it was partlCAFE ANTONIOy shot at the Cafe. The scene where Chinchin and her co-actress (a Dumaguete local lass) were, guess what? Of course, chatting about whatever they were experiencing over their warm mugs of coffee!

There was one thing that we just realized during that day: the two hours of entertainment that is provided in films that we watch are horrendously tedious to come up with. This is something that we fail to appreciate many more times than we do. No wonder the credits that roll at the end of the film is a mile long! Those people's names REALLY have to be credited!

It was quite an experience and one that we would gladly welcome again. To God be the Glory and more movies and shows in Cafe Antonio please!

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Anonymous said...

when mo gawas ni nga film? nga gi shoot sa cafe antonio dumaguete? wow! cafe antonio astig! regards to all...