Monday, December 1, 2008

Cafe Antonio's FoM for December: S'mores Frothiccino

What is a "S'more"?

S'mores is a recipe where milk chocolate and toasted marshmallows are sandwiched between graham crackers. It supposedly obtained it's name because everyone who tasted one would always ask for "Some more", hence the shortened word: "S'more".

The Cafe Antonio baristas have converted this into an ice blended frothiccino made just for you. Imagine the luscious blend of chocolate, the crunch of graham crackers and fluffy marshmallows and tell us if you wouldn't be asking for some more!

December is definitely a month to celebrate and indulge. Celebrate the Holidays with Cafe Antonio's FoM just for December: the S'mores Frothiccino.