Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cafe Antonio Coffee and Resto

If you have been a loyal patron of Cafe Antonio Dumaguete then you will definitely like the transformation it has gone through. Cafe Antonio for the past few years definitely was the shop that served only the best coffee in Dumaguete. However, it has recently morphed into becoming a full-fledged Coffee house and Resto! Our commitment is to still serve you the best coffee and food in Dumaguete. Hence we came up with a new brand: Cafe Antonio Coffee and Resto.
In line with this commitment, we brought in a chef that is not just somebody who knows how to whip up a good meal, but someone who is the best in what he does. Chef Eugene is a member of the Philippine Cooking Team and the team captain in the 2005 MLA (Meat & Livestock Australia) Black Box Culinary Challenge. Since its launch in 1996, the MLA has been participated by more than 2,000 chefs all over the world and has been dubbed as the olympics of the culinary world. Chef Eugene together with Chef Ariel Manuel of Lolo Dad's bested almost everybody in the competition.

Chef Eugene

With the skills in his possession, he cooked up a menu just for you! Below are some of the creations of one of the Philippine's renowned chef. Chef Eugene for Cafe Antonio.

Tuna Nicoise Salad - Tuna grilled to perfection with just the right
amount of freshly ground pepper to spike up your senses.

Seafood Chowder - Crab? Check. Shrimp? Check. Fish? Check.
It's all in!

Pasta Marinara - Marinara sauce with shrimp, parmesan and
a dash of pesto sauce. This is a must try!

Lasagna - We tell you, this is not your ordinary tasting lasagna.
Be surprised with the burst of flavors in Cafe Antonio's lasagna version.

Check out our facebook page for more of our menu additions.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cafe Antonio Online Store

Here is a freshly brewed news for all Cafe Antonio fans!

Cafe Antonio Dumaguete
and Cafe Antonio Los Banos have recently launched the Cafe Antonio Online Store via Multiply. You may now be able to purchase Cafe Antonio merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, etc) that will truly make us part of your daily lives, even when you are not in the Cafe! :)

We are still ironing out the details as to ordering and stuff but surely it should all be ready by May 2009. So watch out for it!

For a preview of the designs, and so that you can already prepare your list of wants, log on to

Cafe Antonio. Your coffee. Our passion.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cafe Antonio Menu Board

Change indeed is the world's only constant. But of course, it has to be for the better.

Cafe Antonio is always committed to give you the best coffee experience without hurting your wallets! We have always looked into ways to serve your needs better. And one way of delivering a more accurate and efficient service to each one of you is to install the Cafe Antonio menu board.

cafe antonioCafe Antonio menu board under construction

With the support that you have poured into Cafe Antonio and with our current manpower, we have thought that it would me more efficient to take your orders at the counter. Our friendly staff and baristas will be waiting for you at the counter as you order your favorite coffee, sandwich and meals. After your favorite drink is handcrafted by our baristas, we will call out your name followed by the name of the drink that you ordered. You will then get it from the serving counter - with all smiles! Short coffee orders will indeed be that fast and efficient!

But don't worry about your meals or if you come in groups because Cafe Antonio will still be flexible for you, serving your meals at your table.

We promise you that this change will be for the better! Because at Cafe Antonio, Your coffee is always our passion!