Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cafe Antonio Los Banos (Elbi) visits Dumaguete!

CAFE ANTONIOCAFE ANTONIOThe Cafe Antonio Los Banos (Elbi) family visited Cafe Antonio Dumaguete last October 18-20. They were here to take their time off from work and visit their roots. They also celebrated with all Negrenses the Buglasan Festival. Balik ulet kayo dito! Or if time and money permits Cafe Antonio Dumaguete naman ang susulong sa Elbi! Kudos to Cafe Antonio Elbi for the first 6 months of successful operations!

Visit their Cafe Antonio Dumaguete escapade pics at:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Coffee Education? Not an EASY Job...

DUMAGUETE COFFEE The Buglasan Festival, which happens every October in Dumaguete City is dubbed as the “Festival of Festivals”. The different cities and towns of Negros Oriental come together and participate by setting up their own showcases of their tourist attractions and some pasalubong items. Aside from the material things, there is also an almost 2-week long schedule of activities that are set up to suit practically everyone’s fancy.

Of course, the organizers give the different business entities a chance to set up shop at the site. Café Antonio opted to participate this year because we thought that it was a good opportunity to “strut our stuff” and show Negros Oriental how great our coffee is. After a couple of days of operation, we were already kind of feeling that coffee education is still indeed a challenge in Negros Oriental.

We realized that with this "type" of crowd, coffee would never be the beverage of choice for the homo sapiens. This crowd was indeed very much different from what we experienced last August at Silliman University during their Annual Founders Celebration, wherein ALL alcoholic beverages were supposedly banned.

So, Let's pack up and transfer our booth to St. Paul University! Let's celebrate with them on their Founders day and have a great cup of coffee (Hot/Iced/Blended)! See you there!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cafe Antonio - Twenty (20)

CAFE ANTONIO the number of days that you have left to get yourself the Brownie Fudge Frothiccino (BFF).

You HAVE to grab one now lest you want to REGRET not having tasted it.

The BFF is Cafe Antonio's flavor of the month for October.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cafe Antonio's FoM for October: the BFF


When you're down and troubled, and you need a helping hand...the BFF will always, ALWAYS be there...

To comfort you in your lowest, to laugh with you at your happiest...the BFF is simply THERE to enjoy with you and even cry with you.

When you need to study for a grueling exam or when you just want to leisurely read the next best-selling book...the BFF stays with you.

October's flavor of the month can surely vie for the BFF title!

only @ Cafe Antonio!


Dumaguete Food Map by Cafe Antonio

We have been receiving a lot of queries coming from friends and friends-of-friends asking where Cafe Antonio Dumaguete is. Actually a lot of tricycle drivers already know where Cafe Antonio is. Just hail a cab from anywhere in Dumaguete and ask the driver to bring you to Cafe Antonio. In just around 5 minutes you will be there! (Unless of course, if you are coming from the next town...)

Dumaguete is a city that is not hard to go around in. There are food places in just about any corner. You can even just use the most basic transportation equipment, your tsinelas, to go around the city.

For the benefit of those who will be visiting Dumaguete for the first time, Cafe Antonio Dumaguete prepared a Dumaguete Map for you. This map contains most major establishments located in the city especially food spots. Of course Cafe Antonio Dumaguete is very much highlighted there since they say you have never been to Dumaguete City if you haven't been to Cafe Antonio. So download this Free Map of Dumaguete and enjoy your stay in Dumaguete - the City of Gentle People! See you at Cafe Antonio!

(I think the Dumaguete Map jpeg file that you will be able to download from this site will be a little smaller than the original one that I uploaded due to blogger restrictions perhaps, so please feel free to ask for a copy by posting a comment on this page or by sending us an email at:

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oh...we're back!

After months and months of hiatus, we suddenly got to checking this spot again.

Guess starting this at the peak of "busy months" was somehow on the wrong side of the moment because it became the reason for "forgetting" that this spot existed. Hehe...

Nevertheless, we'll try to make updates more often.

Just to give a quick roll though, here are the things that are new to the Cafe as of the moment:
  1. ako'ng Cafe Antonio loyalty program - get a personalized mug and get discounts and other perks with your own mug
  2. flavor of the month (October) - Brownie Fudge Frothiccino
  3. Go Green with our Pesto - new on the menu, sort of... :) you can now get pesto rice and get pasta; goes best with grilled meat, chicken or fish
We'll write more in a bit. Keep posted!